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About  Tshedzom

Tshedzom Tingkhye is a first-generation Tibetan artist who specializes in dance performance, choreography, improvisation, and dance film. She is a graduate from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee where she was a recipient of the Julie Thompson Memorial Scholarship and alumni award winner for Highest in Academic Achievement.


Originally from Seattle, Washington, Tshedzom grew up a homeschooler and had an independently lead education in various arts including Tibetan music, classical music, dance, theater, and visual arts. She began dancing at The Creative Dance Center with Anne Green Gilbert where she explored modern techniques, improvisation, partnering, and composition. She was a member of Kaleidoscope Dance Company for 7 years and worked with a plethora of choreographers including Jim Coleman, Marlayna Locklear, Wade Madsen, and Ellie Sandstrom. As a young adult, Tshedzom explored the larger Seattle dance scene and performed with local companies including The Three Yells with Veronica Lee-Baik and Beautiful Carcass with Maya Soto + Nico Tower. After receiving her Associates degree, Tshedzom pursued her BFA in Contemporary Dance Performance at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. 


At the Conservatory, she worked with notable artists including Robert Moses’ Kin, Juel D. Lane, Edisa Weeks, and Urban Bush Women. In her undergraduate studies, Tshedzom took interest in Dance Theatre, Cunningham, contemporary, codified modern techniques, and dance technology. As a result of the pandemic, she found film as a means to create in isolation and developed a new passion for this medium. She created a diverse collection of dance films in which she explored various ways of maintaining focal balance between editing composition, choreography, and movement of the camera. This discovery led her to produce her senior thesis project, “a gallery of ཐུན་མཚམས།”, an evening-length interdisciplinary work that combined dance film, live performance, and interactive set.


Tshedzom’s choreography has been presented at Henry Purcell Society of Boston, Kaleidoscope Dance Company, TibetFest, Tibet Film Festival, Brooklyn Museum, Dance Film Lab, and the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Her practice continues to evolve while maintaining roots in her Tibetan culture, activism, and relationship with nature. Tshedzom is a member of Motlee Party and a part of Boston Early Music Festival’s Dance Ensemble. Based between Seattle and Boston, Tshedzom grows a body of repertoire while actively performing across coasts.

resume + artist statement

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