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“a gallery of ཐུན་མཚམས།” is an interdisciplinary work that reflects on our current state of humanity in relationship with nature, society, and our minds. Through live dance, dance film, set, and storytelling, we follow three characters as they transition from adolescence to adulthood in a world that tries to manipulate them. As they move through stages of their lives, it becomes clear that the problems they face on a small scale are interwoven with the issues seen at large. Time goes on and possabilities for change are revealed when they look within themselves and towards each other. 


Serving as my senior thesis project for the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, this work grew out of my experimentation with dance film and reconnection with my Tibetan Buddhist upbringing in 21st century America. 


This page shares moments from the performance and process, please enjoy. 


Thank you,